Monday, April 5, 2010

I only come out with the sun apparently...

Yesterday morning I woke up at 2pm to the sun shining brightly outside. I had stayed inside the day before because I had nothing to do and the weather wasn't inspiring. I had to get out yesterday though because it was sunny! Who knew how long that would last? I've been missing that SLO sunshine more than I imagined!

I went to Retiro since it's right around the corner and I could take pictures of newly blooming trees and plants. Here are some of the spring flowers :)

This is when I was laying down on the grass
Pretty in pink :)
Vibrant orange in the sun, but the picture doesn't do it justice
It was pleasantly calm, not too many people
It was Easter so some people were passing out these books, which I skimmed to practice my Spanish; Jesus Christ = Jesucristo
After Retiro I met up with my friend Michelle and we walked around the Palace; here we have the Beatles performing


  1. Hi Al,
    love the pictures, keep them coming,now that I have been to Spain the pictures tell me the story.Love You.Dad

  2. I wouldn't call 2pm the morning:) Nice to see the blooming at Retiro.

  3. I miss you....................Dad

  4. I miss you..........Dad


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