Wednesday, May 12, 2010

La Semana Última con USAC

My birthday weekend was so much fun! I would say about 3/4 of our program came and we all had a great time all the way up until the metro opened at 6am! It was a great way to see everyone off because some peope are leaving right after finals on Friday. Some are leaving Saturday, and the majority will be gone by Sunday, either back to the USA or to some other destination in Europe. I'm one of the few returning after my week in London. Then maybe to the North of Spain? I haven't quite decided yet. One trip at a time for now. Hopefully everything goes well though because the stupid volcán is acting up again, and now British Airways is going on intermitten strikes from the 18th until the first week of June. Grrrrrreat.

Foster's Hollywood dinner with everyone, blowing out my cake!

But for now I've just been studying for finals (I only have two) and finishing up papers and what not. It's so surreal that it is coming to a close and in a couple of days I will have very few people to call when I am here. I loved that our program has people from all over the country, yet it makes it that much harder to stay in touch! Tomorrow we are getting "yearbooks" made by the USAC staff and some students that recount the past semester. I'm excited to see it! We're also giving our Spanish teacher, Sara, a picture frame signed by all of us with a picture of our class taken a couple weeks ago. Tomorrow is our last day of Spanish class. The best Spanish class I've ever had by far! It's going to be sad...

But for now I'm just focusing on my time left :) Love you all!

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