Sunday, June 6, 2010

And so it ends...

I am home! I have been back for 5 days so far. I figured I should end this blog with a post. It's great being back of course. It's weird too because it feels like no time ever passed. Like the 5 months didn't really happen. Driving feels normal. Talking feels normal. San Francisco feels normal (except for the inconvenient construction on Portola.) But every now and then, spurts of Spain flood back. For example, when I am approaching people to buy a drink, go into a bar, etc, I assume they are going to talk in Spanish, and it takes me a second to remember. Also, I can now hear other people's conversations. Before, it was all just white noise, only heard if I really try to listen. But now I hear everything. Little things like that.

So thanks everyone for reading and it has truly been an amazing experience. I will always remember it. So for one last time, Adios and dos besos!


  1. Your the best Al. Great to have you back! Dad..............Love You always.

  2. I am going to miss your blog! It was fun to read about your travel adventures. You will have to do a different blog somehow. I really enjoy your story telling. xoxo


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