Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Enseñando Ingles

So I taught my first English lesson today! Her mom picked me up from the metro stop and drove me to their house, but just to show me how to take the bus for next time. Muy fácil, thank god! Her mom is super cute and really nice. She wouldn't stop talking and the girl's like, 'Moooom.' It was funny. The girl's name is Irene and she is 14. We got along really well, so I'm excited about that! I love how the Spanish are such expressionists with their faces and hands. Now I'm really happy I didn't get that first kid because this girl is older (aka easier to talk to) and not a brat (as my friend told me she is experiencing!). We sat and ate cookies that the mom brought us. Fue mucho divertido! She speaks English relatively well. She has been to 'English' camps and has cousins in Washington D.C. But it was fun because sometimes she would start speaking in Spanish by accident but I could still totally understand her. I think she liked me as well because she said she liked the way I spoke English and how she liked that I knew Spanish because apparently the last girl couldn't speak Spanish at all and couldn't translate words for her. I could see how frustrating that would be! I get paid 15 euro an hour, so basically 15 euro every Tuesday unless she needs another day during the week. Perfecto, no? That is food money for the week, más o menos.

p.s. I added random Spanish phrases just for Roberto....happy?


  1. Congrats on the job! Glad it fell into place.

  2. Si como no. Estoy esta muy feliz. Esta beuno Adios Roberto

  3. Hi Al,back from Utah and skiing,looking forward to seeing you. Go ReaL Madrid,Hey whats up with Raul?heard he might come to America?

  4. Hi Al,Love you.....................


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