Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My host mom is the bestest ;)

After dinner every day I eat a little sugar muffin for dessert. This morning I was running late and grabbed the last one to go. She must've realized because this afternoon she already had another package in the cabinet PLUS another package of a chocolate variety! She's so nice!!!

I also get to eat dinner whenever I want because I don't think she really eats dinner per say. She just has a really tiny one, like cereal or something, probably because of how late her lunch is every day. Other students have to wait until 9:30pm or later even if they're starving because that's when the family eats. They also aren't spoiled with yummy food like peanut butter and muffins and tons of fruit!! :)


  1. I'm glad she's taking good care of you! Tell her thank you from me!

  2. Hey, when do you work out? Have you played any soccer,oh sorry Futbol............


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