Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marbella, Andalucía

Jessica's flight got cancelled to Ireland once again because of the volcano, but she still wanted to take a weekend trip. Her mom told her about Marbella, so off we went! I couldn't say no to seeing Andalucía one last time before I leave. It is definately one of my favorite regions of Spain.

We took a 7-8 hour night bus to Marbella and arrived there earlier than our hostel opened. We didn't know this so we walked around Marbella waiting for our hostel to open. We sat in a café for awhile and made friends with the owners who said our Spanish was "fantástico!" :)

Eventually we got into our hostel and slept a really long time. We finally woke up and explored Old Town. It's very beautiful with tiny, winding streets and white-washed houses. Very similar to Greek island towns but still very Spanish. Our hostel had a great location. We went to the beach for a little bit too. Basically we spent our weekend exploring, laying on the beach, and SHOPPING! I haven't been shopping in a long time, but I definately got my fill here! They had so many cool shops, I couldn't resist!

Puerto Banús, where the "rich and famous" play

In a plaza, basking in the sun, wearing a dress I bought :)
Old Town, where we had dinner one night
more Old Town
Old Town, which is where our hostel was

We had a great time and made friends with two girls at our hostel studying in Sevilla. One is from Tennessee and one is from Florida. They are coming to Madrid in 3 weeks so we plan on meeting up again. The days go by fast when you're having fun, and next weekend I'm off to Austria with Jess to see her roommate who is studying there. It's always really fun to visit places where you know people studying because it makes your days easy. Also, Mia from my old club soccer team is studying in Italy and is coming to Madrid next week so we plan on meeting up!

Love you all!


  1. You're looking very "Spanish". Love the dress.

  2. Great Pics Al,I wish we could have gone to some of those citys..Love You, Dad


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