Friday, May 7, 2010

Feliz Cumpleaños & Dia de la Madre

It's a lot of people's last weekend in Madrid since some leave right after finals next Friday. It's also my birthday weekend! :) It's also a guy in our programs birthday today! So it's a big weekend for everyone to get their last hoorahs in.

For Saturday, I made reservations at a restaurant called Foster's Hollywood. It's an "American" food restaurant and I figured it's perfect because it can fit the most people and since I'm turning 21, I'll celebrate it American-style. Carmen actually made the call for me because it's hard to understand people on the phone and I didn't want to mess up. Then we're going out from dinner because it's close to a popular neighborhood.

Also, this Sunday is Mother's Day (Dia de la Madre). Last Sunday was Dia de la Madre in Spain. Therefore, Feliz Dia de la Madre, mamá! and Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers I know/am related to as well! Love you all!


  1. Don't have toooooooooo much fun.Love You.Dad

  2. Thanks Al! Happy Birthday! Love U!


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