Monday, May 17, 2010

San Isidro 2010 + Last weekend with USAC

This weekend was the "official" end of USAC. While some people still linger, many have left for other adventures or to return to the states. It was not as much of a tear fest as we all predicted. I think it's easier when people trickle out instead of all rushing out at once. Yet, it's been sad nonetheless. Luckily, it was the annual San Isidro celebration this weekend in Madrid! Lots of festivities to keep us busy and eternally remember our time here. Here are some pictures of this weekend along with some people I won't forget!

The madrileños were staring...who says you have to grow up?
USAC office girls: Gabriela and Susan. They did so much for us all!
Gran Via stage...celebrating 100 years!Fireworks show...amazing!Finale...beautiful among the old buildingsWe hadn't gone in months but it was our bar for the first two months. Last time at El Tigre!El Oso y El Madroño...the symbol of Madrid

Jessica and I are heading to London tomorrow...hopefully. The volcano is being naughty again so we're waiting to see what happens. Fingers crossed. We're staying with Jessica's parents' friends. Perfect! London is supposedly expensive enough as it is. I'll stop talking about London though because this volcano is making me nervous!

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