Tuesday, January 26, 2010

El Rastro y Ronaldo

We don't have school today! It is a holiday, but only for the students at my college. Saint something. I don't remember but no one else has it off.

On Sunday, I went to El Rastro which is one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. It was really cool. El Rastro translates into "the stain." It's named after the blood stains that would be on the streets from venders dragging animal carcasses. Lovely. I want to buy some art there. But you have to be careful about knock-offs and pick pockets. But on these paintings you can feel the brush strokes, so that's all I want! They are by a local artist called Yutze. They also sell soccer jerseys for a lot cheaper. It was Shae's birthday last night, so Jessica and I bought her a Real Madrid jersey as a gift for her to wear to the game because she didn't have one.
It can get packed on some streets
Antiques area

Then that night was the game! We knew we had great seats, but we didn't know we were front row! It was so cool. They were so close to us! I tried to get a picture of Raul, but he didn't even play until the second half and therefore was on the opposite side! But Ronaldo and Kaka were really close so I got pictures of them! Everyone went crazy over Ronaldo's red card. And it was all over the paper the next day. Málaga isn't even big competition, but the stadium was packed and the game was frontpage. It's crazy! I can't wait to go again. We are also planning on going to an Atletico game (even though they're rivals) because they cost like 20euro for cheap seats.

pure joy during halftime
Ronaldo's red

It was Gutz Mal's last game, so we were informed.
Our view! Packed stadium
Shae and I in our jerseys!


  1. So cool! We're working on our plans. Dad wants to go to a game.

  2. awwww LUCKY!!!! im jealuos.....i bet cal poly soccer games are ten times better anyways!!! LOl....JP MISSSSSS YOOOOOUUU!!!! i want to skype again cause i had to leave early last time

  3. that looks like so much fun!!!!!!! i love that while you watched a soccer game sunday night....you also would ahve been playing in one if you were home, first intramural game, we won!!!!! woot woot. can't wait to finally SKYPE!!!!!!!! love you & miss you!

  4. so cool I'm jealous, can't wait to go. Is it better down low or up a little higher? Like at Stanford. Dad.


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