Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Museo, Baile, Fútbol, y Carnaval

The weather isn't very sunny out, so my pictures aren't so pretty. We haven't done too much sightseeing because everything will look prettier in the sun so we've been waiting. I went to the Museo Thyssen-Bsomethingsomething the other day. It was pretty cool but I got bored after an hour. I just can't look at art that long! Especially when some of it is modern art (aka stupid).

I just got back from dance class. I've learned Merengue, Salsa, and Sevillanas. It's really fun. Everyone gets really into it, it's awesome! The teacher is really nice and funny, but doesn't speak English. She is always having to correct the boys (because they can't dance), but we all have a lot of fun! I like salsa a lot! I am actually pretty good at it! I just need to get the arm movements down.

This Sunday there is a Real Madrid game against Málaga. Me and a couple people are going and cheering on our team! It should be really fun. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad.

In about two weeks, the festival of Carnaval is here! A bunch of us are traveling to Cadíz in the south of Spain for a weekend long festival! It's going to be really fun and everyone wears costumes and goes all out. Our first festival!

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym after class (only 22E/month and NO enrollment fee b/c we're USAC!!!). Then shopping probably. Then an intercambio session with Jessica and Shae. It should be really fun.

Next Wednesday our flamenco teacher is bringing us to a flamenco club. So excited! Flamenco is craaaazy. She is going to teach us some of the dance too, which I really want to learn! There is also this cool hand tapping thing flamecos do that she is going to try and teach us, but apparently it's really hard to learn. Fun times ahead! Sorry I don't have pictures. I have been bad at taking them because the weather!!

Love you all.

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