Sunday, January 24, 2010

Museo de Arte Reina Sofia y shenanigans

We spent the day at the Queen Sofia Art Museum. And by day I mean 4pm-6pm because we all woke up at 2pm. I was worried because it is a modern art museum (i.e. purple square on white piece of paper kind of art), but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Granted we glanced over many pieces, but I was excited to see Picasso and some other artists. His work is really intricate, therefore, more interesting. The museum also has a bunch of authentic photographs, newspaper clippings, books, etc. from the Spanish Civil War era. Very interesting. I wish I could take a class on the time during Franco's dictatorship, but unfortunately the only one offered was in Spanish. I guess internet and asking people will have to suffice. It's crazy to think how Spain has only been dictator-free for 30 years or so and still is changing so much because of it.

Anyways. Here are my entertaining pictures of the day:
Pretty garden Refreshing! (don't worry, just a camera trick)
We call this "Pokemon" SOYYYYYYY MILK

"Midget Tiger" every day at Plaza de Sol Spanish Civil War propaganda room
This is me taking a picture of a statue and not 'Guernica', Picasso's famous painting that isn't allowed to be photographed in the background. Notice the tiny woman glaring at me. Wa ha ha.
Contemplating the meaning of life Picasso

No, those aren't bookshelves. They're art. Duh. Someone's a little angry at the Church, eh?

Little Me, Big World
Pretty, I can't remember anything about it now....


  1. You found your soy milk!!!! How do u say it in Spanish? - Mom

  2. leche de soja! -Alex

  3. Hey good game Ronaldo scores twice,but his temper got him a red card.Love You.


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