Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mi Universidad, Real Madrid, Travels

The sun came out today for a little! It was sunny in the morning, then got cloudy/foggy midday, but right now I can see blue skies! I managed to take a couple pictures of my campus for you guys. It's a really nice campus. The neighborhood it is in, Vicalvaro, is just nothing special.

After class, a couple of us went to buy our Real Madrid v. Málaga tickets at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium (home stadium), but they weren't selling them today! We could have sworn they were, but we ended up buying them online (hence the debit card charge, mom. don't worry they are paying me back tomorrow :) )

We are really, really close! I CAN'T WAIT! Hopefully it doesn't rain, but it's ok if it does because I will just bring my heavy raincoat! Nothing will stop us :) I think we are wearing face paint for added enthusiasm.

In Feb. 19-28 we don't have school because that week is when the Field Study group goes to Barcelona. Shae and I have been planning a trip that week because it's 10 days of no school! This is our itinerary:

Feb. 19-21: Granada, Spain.
21-24: Seville, Spain.
24-28: Lisbon, Portugal.

All those places are supposed to be BEAUTIFUL! The tickets to travel are so cheap. Each bus between those places is only like 16-20E. Better start doing my research (as always!).

We also booked our Cádiz Carnaval trip (I'm going to dress up as a jester aka more glitter and face paint!). And I believe next Friday is our day excursion with USAC to El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallen. It looks amazing. I've realized that my favorite thing to do traveling is either a) nature, or b) architecture. I am not much of an art/museum person.
El Escorial y Valley of the Fallen

Then for spring break we are planning a French Riviera to Italy trip. Even though I've been to Italy, I didn't feel that I got to appreciate it as much because all the tourists drove me crazy. I couldn't even move at times! But that's still in the works. First we must conquer Spain!
<-- This is the post office...

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