Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plaza Mayor on Sundays

Plaza Mayor is a really famous square of Madrid. Many postcards are of the square because of it's beauty. I had heard that Sundays were the day to go, but I had no idea! It was so fun. There are tons of people dressed up and tons more walking the streets around Sol. Sundays seem really fun here. Everyone is out with friends and family enjoying themselves. There were so many people dressed up, it felt like Disneyland!

Floating Jesus
Invisible Man
Mickey Mouse

Shay, Wookie, and Jessica
Some girls and I went to Plaza Mayor for a really late, light lunch since we all woke up at like 1 pm! On the bus ride to meet my friends, a little girl (like 6 yrs old) was with her family and she said something to me, but I had no idea what she said! I know it ended with "...contigo, Señora" which means "...with you ma'am." Her parents just smiled at me and laughed so I did as well. She was so cute though, but I really have no idea. Hopefully it wasn't a question haha.

They were there ALL day. The woman is just a random passerby up for a dance!
He was a crowd favorite
Spiderman let himself go...
I don't know what a gorilla has anything to do with a peacock

After lunch at Plaza Mayor, we went around the corner to a chocolateria for hot chocolate and churros. 3E each for a hot chocolate and huge plate of churros! The hot chocolate is really thick here, but tasted so good! I'm very full now and probably don't need dinner, but I don't want to be rude so I'll eat later, which is fine since it is only 8 pm anyways. We went to this little chocolateria, not realizing until we came out that the famous one we were thinking of was right next door! But it was really crowded so it was probably better anyways.

So delicioso!

Tomorrow is the first day I have all my classes. I'm excited. I have Español, Music and Society: Flamenco, and then dancing in the afternoon! It's going to be so funny/fun, especially with some of the people in it. Well I ran out of international calls so I need to refresh my calling card, but I was having trouble finding a place with them. A lot is closed on Sundays, so I'll buy it tomorrow.

On Thursday, my friend Jessica set up an intercambio session with the student that took her to her apartment. She is bringing me and our other friend along for fun, and to help keep up conversation since it will be one hour in Spanish and one hour in English! I'm so excited because this will be really good to learn Spanish as well as information about Madrid. This is the same student who was going to take us on a tour today, but the weather wasn't very nice so we are going next Sunday!

Miss you all!


  1. A BIG we miss u too!!!

  2. I love you, from Neil...xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Well, that's right up the San Francisco alley! Nothing unusual there, huh?


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