Thursday, January 14, 2010

Siesta and Classes

Today was the first day of classes. I only had one today though. Español Track 2 at 9:20 a.m. I showed up a little late because the metro ride took longer than I thought, but I wasn't the only one. Obviously my professor didn't care. Her name is Sara and she seems fun. Sometimes she can't understand what we are trying to say because certain phrases in English don't have a Spanish equivalent, such as "I'm bad with time" doesn't make sense to Spaniards. (That wasn't me using that phrase though haha) But we all help each other in explaining the meaning.

After class three of my classmates and I went to buy our books and fix our cellphones. Both successes! We found a really cool shopping area in Bilboa metro stop area. There are so many sales right now it's insane! Everything is really really cheap. According to Gabriela (USAC adviser) this continues until the end of January. I bought a taller bag for school so I could fit my books in. It only cost 15E and it's really cute! It used to be 30E!!!

Mi bolsa bella! And the map of Madrid that I actually never need to use!

I can't wait for Monday's classes (yes I just said I was excited for class...) because I have Music and Society: Flamenco and then a dance class at the D'Angus Dance studio in the center of Madrid. Apparently we have it with some of our intercambios (language exchange partners) and Spaniards from the school, but I keep hearing different things, so who knows yet.

The Bilboa barrio (neighborhood) where we shopped and bought our books (10% off with USAC!)

Carmen has a cleaning woman come every Thursday, Miranda, so today she made me a quick dinner because Carmen had a long work day. She still feeds me early, like 8:30, but eventually I will be eating at the regular time. I have no problem with that, I could probably start now. For cena (dinner) I had a salad with tuna and olive oil along with a ham pizza. Yummo for the pizza! But the tuna salad was a weird compliment to a ham pizza so I ate around most of the tuna.

Tomorrow I only have one class in the morning again (Español Track 2 is Mon. through Fri.) and then we are exploring more of Madrid. I want a chance to get to know my neighborhood better but I have been so busy during the days that I don't get home until close to dark.

When I look out my window I can see the city lights through the buildings. It reminds me of our view from home. I am also on a hill...that I walk up everyday! Reminiscent of high school! Also like high school, my cell phone is from the stone age and similar to the first phone I ever got. The only problem is I can't find the option to turn the keypad sound off so every time I use it it goes BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEP as I press buttons. Muy molesto (very annoying) !!!!!!

I took my first siesta today at 7:30. It was very, very nice! I will probably need one per day! And I'm sore from walking and climbing so many stairs, but it feels good!

One more observation that I'm very happy about is that the Spaniards don't try to speak English to us unless we get stuck. Then they will continue in Spanish after they told us the word in English. I'm glad that when we talk to people they don't just switch to English to make the conversation go easier/faster. It helps a lot having to speak Spanish to every single person other than each other! I'm already learning so much!!


  1. Cute bag! I see there's graffiti just like at home too! :)

  2. Ahhh Alex! It sounds like your enjoying yourself, that's so exciting! I'm suprised you haven't gotten lost yet (or have you...?) Anyways, we better skype soon to catch up, whenever you have the time that is.

  3. omg!!! it sounds like sooo much fun!!! me and laura are just chilling at home watching tv....same ol same ol.....but miss you already and i agree with laura about skyping soon!!! have more fun and hope to talk to you soon


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