Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow y El Retiro

It snowed the other day (wednesday)! Soft, fluffy snowflakes that didn't "stick" said the people who weren't taking 20 pictures because they see it all the time. It was cool! But today was super sunny and I have to admit that I do love the sun more!

Snowflakes outside dance class!

We finally went to Parque del Retiro since the sun was out, which is what we were waiting for. It's absolutely gooooorgeous. My new favorite place. I'm going to do homework there with amigos, go on runs, walk around, etc. It's huge! I knew I was close to it from looking at the map, but I had no idea how close! One of the entrances into the park is two blocks from me! Short blocks too! I'm so excited about that. Also, I explored my neighborhood a little bit today. There is a yummy pasteleria that we got some empinadas and croissants at.

Here are some pictures of it:

Beautiful! Where the royals used to play

We took a rowboat out on this lake!
But now I must go meet up with my friends for tapas and dancing! Miss you all! Love you much!


  1. You are there for school,right?????

  2. what teacher said that?

  3. hey this Neil, I love you Alex from the moon and back.xxox

  4. aww.. in the picture with the snow, you look like a PUPPY!!


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